Matrix Chain is crafted by a team of technology engineers from Dubai. This is an exceptionally unique concept that combines Blockchain technology with the exponential power of geometric progression to create a revolutionary global financial formula for circulating substantial funds through a decentralized financial platform.


Matrix Chain was first introduced in August 2023, making its presence felt across the globe and garnering interest from 20 participating countries. Matrix Chain is structured into three versions – 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 – tailored to specific user needs and designed across 12 matrix tables.


Version 1.0: Establishment of the user database through the 3×12 matrix, attracting over 100,000 global users. All members are rewarded with MTC tokens to rapidly grow the user base worldwide and establish strong partnerships.


Version 2.0: Enhanced user experience (UI/UX) with the community’s participation in DEFI 1.0 platform. The matrix 3×24 is decrypted, doubling income, and free MTC token rewards are granted.


Version 3.0: Expansion of subsequent matrices to create significant financial leverage, ensuring swift, robust, and sustainable fund circulation, ultimately generating millions of dollars worth of global millionaires.




Matrix Chain is a global decentralized financial sharing community that empowers millions worldwide to achieve prosperity, starting from a modest capital of just $19.


Matrix Chain is not a Ponzi scheme, financial delegation with interest, or centralized financial trading with inherent risks. Matrix Chain is a workspace for those who value labor and willingly support others within the community.


This platform connects participants through a matrix algorithm, using USDT Bep20 as the means to circulate funds 100% from one user’s wallet to another without intermediaries holding platform control.




  • Matrix 3×24 Community
  • MTC Token
  • Gamefi
  • Liquidity Mining
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Metaverse Matrix City


Token Symbol: MTC

Total Supply: 3,600,000,000

Technology: Binance Smart Chain (Bep20)



Community: 3,046,000,000 (84.61%)

Ecosystem: 500,000,000 (13.88%)

Partners: 18,000,000 (0.5%) vested over 3 years.

DEV: 36,000,000 (1%) vested over 3 years.



During the community building phase, through activities such as the 3×12 matrix in version 1.0 and the 3×24 matrix in version 2.0, affiliate marketing, and various multi-channel marketing strategies, 3,046,000,000 MTC tokens are awarded to participating members. These tokens are locked in each user’s personal account and unlocked according to the project’s development plan. Excess tokens will be burned through public events. Users can use MTC tokens for holding, trading, swapping, participating in Gamefi, paying fees, auctioning, and exchanging NFTs within the Marketplace.




In the Gamefi realm, 100,000,000 MTC tokens are designated as rewards for tournaments and winners in various games, with a planned launch in Q4 2023.




The game features several “chests” such as BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, SFP,… which players can unlock for free. Players need a minimum of $2 worth of MTC tokens to unlock these chests. Once a chest is unlocked, players use the coins received or deposit MTC tokens to play the game and earn more MTC tokens.


100% of the MTC token fees generated are platform revenue. However, these tokens are placed in a public contract to be burned and redistributed to MTC token holders. This action reduces supply, controls inflation, and attests to the transparency of the community of Matrix Chain founders.




200,000,000 MTC tokens are allocated as rewards for users participating in liquidity provisioning. Multiple periods, 0 – 3 – 6 – 12 months, allow holders to choose their staking duration, each with a varying reward rate. Users opt to add liquidity to the MTC/USDT pair on the decentralized exchange Pancakeswap to create LP tokens, which are then registered on the Matrix Chain platform to earn daily rewards until 200,000,000 MTC tokens are exhausted.


Participate in Liquidity Mining by adding liquidity to the MTC/USDT pool on Pancakeswap.

Liquidity mining is designed to attract users for liquidity provision, enhancing the platform’s reputation through the TVL index (Total Value Locked).

Participate in Liquidity Mining to receive additional MTC tokens. The platform reserves 5.55% (200,000,000 MTC) tokens for users participating in liquidity provision. These rewards are limited, and when the Pool contract is depleted, the rewards stop, and all staking packages will be opened for removal.


To participate in Liquidity Mining, users need to add the MTC/USDT pair on the Pancakeswap liquidity pool, acquire LP, then choose the corresponding staking level within the Dapp Matrix Chain.



Pool 1: No time limit, remove capital at any time


MTC tokens in the pool: 36,000,000 MTC tokens, releasing 1,000,000 MTC each month.

The total of 1,000,000 tokens per month is divided into 3 groups:

Group 1: Capital $10 – $299: 20% (200,000 MTC tokens/month), distributed equally among staking packages during the month.

Group 2: Capital $300 – $599: 30% (300,000 MTC tokens/month), distributed equally among staking packages during the month.

Group 3: Capital $600 – $999: 50% (500,000 MTC tokens/month), distributed equally among staking packages during the month.

Pool 2: Capital locked for 3 months


MTC tokens in the pool: 54,000,000 MTC tokens, releasing 1,800,000 MTC each month.

The total of 1,800,000 tokens per month is divided into 3 groups:

Group 1: Capital $1000 – $1999: 20% (360,000 MTC tokens/month), distributed equally among staking packages during the month.

Group 2: Capital $2000 – $2999: 30% (540,000 MTC tokens/month), distributed equally among staking packages during the month.

Group 3: Capital $3000 – $4999: 50% (900,000 MTC tokens/month), distributed equally among staking packages during the month.

Pool 3: Capital locked for 6 months


MTC tokens in the pool: 60,000,000 MTC tokens, releasing 2,500,000 MTC each month.

The total of 2,500,000 MTC tokens per month is divided into 2 groups:

Group 1: Capital $5000 – $6999: 40% (1,000,000 MTC tokens/month), distributed equally among staking packages during the month.

Group 2: Capital $7000 – $9999: 60% (1,500,000 MTC tokens/month), distributed equally among staking packages during the month.

Pool 4: Capital locked for 12 months


MTC tokens in the pool: 50,000,000 MTC tokens, releasing 3,000,000 MTC each month.

Capital $10,000 – $14,999: 40% (1,200,000 MTC tokens/month).

Capital $15,000 and above 60% (1,800,000 MTC tokens/month).



Tokens are released per second for each staking package.

The number of packages in each group determines token distribution; e.g., with 1 package in Group 3, it receives the entire distribution, with 2 packages it’s split, and so on.

When removing a package, profit reception stops, and capital remains unchanged. The number of USDT and tokens will change based on TVL and MTC token value at the time of removal.

A minimum of 500 MTC tokens can be harvested to the wallet, with a 5% fee in MTC directed to the DAO fund.



Within the Metaverse, Matrix City generates unique NFTs, such as buildings, shopping centers, and public transport, available for sale or auction through the marketplace. Matrix City is divided into five regions: GOLD – WOOD – WATER – FIRE – EARTH, comprising ten districts and two commercial centers. Users with MTC tokens can participate in the marketplace to buy, own, rent, auction, and trade these NFTs, seeking profit.




The 3×24 matrix is designed in a horizontal 3, vertical 24 structure for each member. The next layer contains three times the number of users compared to the previous layer. The first three positions on your level can be placed directly as your F1 or overflow from above. Each user appears in your 24 layers and votes 24 times, ensuring you receive $10 – $20 – $30 – $40 – $50 corresponding to layers 1-2-3-4-5. Of course, you need to vote beforehand.


If you haven’t voted and those beneath you have voted, you will NOT receive the rewards. These funds will be transferred to the MTC token pool, contributing to the natural growth of MTC tokens.


All the transferred funds within the community do NOT pass through the platform’s wallet; they go directly from the voter’s wallet to the recipient’s wallet. This showcases the platform’s SPEED, SAFETY, and TRANSPARENCY, affirming fair support for every member. Thanks to this algorithm, active members have the opportunity to earn millions of dollars from this intelligent platform over time.



  1. Conditions:

– Use wallets like Safepal, Metamask, Trust, or other wallets that support the Bep20 protocol.

– Capital: $19 – $375 (including fees & gas).

– Have 3 F1s working with you.

  1. Obligations:

– Support (Vote) from 1 to 24 individuals depending on your financial capacity. Advisable to support a maximum of 24 people to receive more benefits.

– Help your 3 F1s develop just like you.

  1. Benefits:


  1. Receive Free MTC Tokens when you vote



Before August 31


From September 1 to November 25, 2023































  • Benefits are based on the number of times you “vote.” The more times you vote, the more levels you receive, with a maximum of 24 levels.
  • The quantity of MTC token rewards will automatically stop if depleted before November 25, 2023.



  1. Benefits of the 5 Matrix Tables:

To participate in the next table, members need to meet two conditions:

  • Complete 24 votes.
  • The countdown timer has expired.
  1. You can create an income of millions of dollars from this magical matrix:

Total income generated within the first 12 levels reaches up to 7,971,600 USDT. Keep exploring up to level 24 to witness the economic power of this matrix.

  1. Steps to Participate:

Step 1: Connect to the Dapp through a referral link, or designated link, or have a sponsor directly add your wallet address to the system.

Step 2: Activate your membership with a 2 USDT participation fee.

Step 3: Vote the first 2 times and remain a regular member.

Step 4: Upgrade to VIP status with 8 USDT to become a VIP MEMBER and vote continuously 24 times.

Step 5: Complete a maximum of 24 votes to receive free MTC tokens.

Step 6: Share this fantastic opportunity with people around you.



Q1 & Q2, 2023:

Launch Matrix Chain 1.0 platform with a 3×12 matrix.

Give free MTC tokens to members.

Q3, 2023:

Introduce Matrix Chain 2.0.

List MTC tokens on decentralized exchanges (DEX) with a listing price of $0.001.

Launch Liquidity Mining ecosystem.

Q4, 2023:

Introduce the Gamefi ecosystem.

List MTC tokens on Binance Defi Wallet.

Expected 100% increase in MTC token price.

Attract 200,000 users.

Q1, 2024:

Introduce Matrix Chain 3.0.

List MTC tokens on Coingecko, CoinMarketCap.

List MTC on reputable DEX and CEX exchanges.

Achieve 300,000 holders.

Q2 & Q3, 2024:

Launch Matrixcity.

NFT trading through Marketplace.

MTC token price reaches $0.01.

Q4, 2024:

Total Value Locked (TVL) reaches $10,000,000.

Achieve 500,000 holders.

MTC token price reaches $0.05.

2025 – 2026:

Matrix Chain community reaches 5 million users.

Grant virtual real estate ownership in Matrixcity to 1000 VIP Master members.

MTC token price reaches $1 – $5.




To decide whether to invest in MTC token or not, first of all, investors need to have some evaluations of the Matrix Chain ecosystem with aspects such as:


  • With advanced technology, many prospects


  • MTC integrates many new technologies into its platform such as Matrix, Stake & Defi, … Therefore, this platform brings out outstanding advantages such as:


  • Easy to use, experience, expand and categorize.


  • High compatibility with other PoS networks.


  • Ability to authenticate data quickly and accurately.


  • Low usage costs.



This partly confirms the great potential of Matrix Chain as well as MTC tokens in the future.


Strong development team, partners, and investors


Although not perfect, it is clear that Matrix chain is showing a big ambition towards an almost complete ecosystem, providing all the necessary services such as Defi, NFT marketplace, and Metaverse, … The ambition is there, but what about feasibility?


Take a look at the development team, partners, and concentrated community of the Matrix chain. The community is not only abundant and widespread across the world but also has a high level of expertise. For example, in the list of engineers, there are two champions of the international programming competition (ICPC), two gold medalists; a champion of the Latin America region in the US, and many other talented candidates from Dubai.


  1. VI. FAQs :


  1. Is MTC Token a scam?


MTC Token is a secure investment channel with potential. However, you need to carefully choose the trading platform to participate in to avoid scams and losses.


  1. Is there a fee to join the Matrix chain?


With Matrix chain, registration is free. During use, you need to pay the corresponding fees, such as transaction fees, exchange fees, etc. However, overall, the fees in the Matrix chain ecosystem are relatively low.




Start stage: Building a global community by granting equal rights and benefits to each participant. Retain and attract new communities through a massive passive income stream through the Matrix chain benefit distribution algorithm. Give MTC tokens to each participant.


Stimulate stage: Experience the MTC Token ecosystem.


Unlock tokens every day and then you have 4 options:


  • Withdraw to the personal wallet to hold.
  • Transfer MTC to the gaming world and earn money in games.
  • Auction in the Metaverse
  • Transfer to the marketplace and trade.

Growth stage: Increase the number of users.

Integration stage: Listing on CEX, DEX, Capitalization, volume, MTC target price, and target 10 million members.



Unlike traditional investment models, Matrix Chain is not merely a financial endeavor. It represents a community-driven movement where hard work, dedication, and mutual support converge to create opportunities for financial growth. Participants not only stand to gain financial rewards but also contribute to the collective prosperity of fellow community members.


Matrix Chain’s appeal lies in its innovative approach. It is not a Ponzi scheme, nor does it involve risky financial ventures or centralized trading mechanisms. Instead, it operates within a dynamic ecosystem that connects participants worldwide through a mathematical matrix algorithm. Transactions are facilitated by the MTC token on the Binance Smart Chain, ensuring transparency, speed, and security.


For those seeking diversification and exploration of novel investment avenues, Matrix Chain presents an opportunity to be part of the future of finance. As responsible global investors, it’s essential to approach any investment with careful consideration. Matrix Chain offers a unique chance to contribute to a global transformation in the financial landscape. However, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research and consult with financial experts before making any investment decisions.


In conclusion, for those looking to embrace an investment opportunity that embodies innovation, community empowerment, and financial growth potential, Matrix Chain could be the path you’ve been searching for. As the future of finance unfolds, seize this opportunity with due diligence and careful assessment.

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