Build a superior economics ecosystem with $MTC tokenomic 

Being a global decentralized financial community fund operating on the blockchain, Matrix Chain enables players to join the battles and enjoy Matrix Chain tokens ($MTC). This article will cover details about the $MTC token and its economy including specifications, allocation, and utilities.

What is $MTC?

Matrix Chain is a Web3 project with unique and well-thought-out tokenomic. The team is creating an entire ecosystem on the basis of the Binance Smart Chain and other chains, which are meant to be used for in-game purchases, tournaments, and other activities. 

$MTC TOKEN, as the native utility token of Matrix Chain, plays a crucial role within the ecosystem. It serves various purposes, such as rewarding community members for their participation and contributions. Additionally, MTC TOKEN is utilized as a medium of exchange for transaction fees, providing a seamless and efficient payment mechanism. Moreover, users can leverage MTC TOKEN to participate in exciting auctions of NFTs, expanding their digital asset collections and engaging in the vibrant marketplace of unique and valuable digital items. MTC TOKEN facilitates the seamless trading of digital assets within the Metaverse, enabling users to explore new opportunities and enhance their virtual experiences. 

Matrix Chain is definitely a great choice for users who love Defi and Web3 Gaming. The game combines strategic thinking with the fun of a metaverse simulation. Otherwise, Matrix Chain’s uniqueness is the ability to make money by farming and playing.

Token specifications

MARKETING25% will be used for MTC marketing, such as promotion, communication, and introduction of MTC. 
DAPPs25% will be used to build Dapp’s products and the Matrix Chain platform.
LIQUIDITY25% will be used for liquidity. 
INSURANCE10% will be used for insurance funds and contingency.
OPERATIONS15% will be used for operating activities of the project.

What matrix chain have archived? 

Token utilities

In-Ecosystem exchange

Most items have in-ecosystem value and can be used within Matrix Chain and will be purchasable with $MTC. All items are either craftable or earnable by earning. Users buy, sell, and trade, or even rent NFT items from their loot to other users on a functional marketplace for all their assets.

Governance tokens

The $MTC token is a governance token. It gives the holder the right to vote on decisions that affect both the direction of development and the distribution of rewards.

Trading and Renting

Matrix Chain has its own marketplace where players can trade or rent any items from their inventory. They can rent out their most unique assets for others to use in their own Metaverse during their spare time.

Staking and Farming

By staking the coins in pools players get a share of the pool’s profit. This is a sublime strategy for newbies and experienced holders.


$MTC is expected to become a collateral currency like BTC, ETH, DASH, XEM… Players can pledge $MTC as a guarantee that the loan is going to be repaid.

About Matric Chain

Matrix Chain is a global decentralized mutual financial community that originated in Dubai with the goal of helping millions of people around the world help each other become young girls. When you are willing to support a stranger you don’t know for a small amount of money, you will get support from people from all over the world. The platform works on the Defi decentralized financial system including affiliate marketing programs and automated algorithms to distribute 100% of the cash flow in the community through the wallet addresses of the participants.